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The following testimonials are the personal opinions of patients I have treated.

Thanks so much Rochelle and for your help, really was so beneficial to me ... sorry for the tears, how powerful that was! Thank you x
H.- Feb '23 re EFT and Matrix Reimprinting

Thank you for your help ? I have had more relief from the symptoms of this condition from you in the last few days than I have had from the Drs in a very long time, and not just the pain relief either . PR April '21 (via email)

I first contacted Rochelle after suffering a severe relapse in an auto-immune condition in late 2018. I discovered her by chance after searching on the internet and after a look around her website decided I’d be foolish not to contact her.

After an initial telephone conversation I visited Rochelle for a face to face consultation, where she undertook a thorough assessment of myself and my condition, followed by a treatment plan. Rochelle was clear and concise about how she intended to treat me and gave me a clear explanation about any changes required during my treatment, which I found very reassuring at an especially difficult time health-wise.

Rochelle is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in homeopathy- I have been treated by homeopaths before (a long time ago) and the result of their treatment was nowhere near as successful or positive. She is kind and understanding, yet the ultimate professional. Rochelle is incredibly perceptive and uses this to ensure the most appropriate remedies are given; beneficial for someone like myself who can lack perspective, especially when suffering brain fog!

I encountered several challenging and unforeseen circumstances, both health related and due to family circumstances whilst I was a patient with Rochelle, but throughout these events she provided support, advice and guidance. This resulted in me making progress regardless of the difficulties that threatened to exacerbate my condition, something which I was, and still am incredibly thankful for.

I am in full health again and continue to be so, something which I know wouldn’t have been achievable without Rochelle’s help. I will be sad to not see her on a regular basis but am very grateful for the support I have received- Rochelle is simply amazing!!

Amy - Formby Aug '19

Hi Rochelle
As you wanted to know what has happened, if anything – so here it is. All I can say really is …. WOW !!!
I can’t believe 3 such small tablets have made such a difference. I would say that the sneezing and runny nose has decreased by about 80 – 90 percent – and that was really after just the very first tablet. For the whole week, I have only sneezed say a dozen times and never for than about 3 in the one ‘session’. It’s been wonderful for my nostrils to be ‘normal’ again after the hassle of the last 3 years or so.
Alan - Southport (via email) December '17

I found Rochelle, easy to talk to, I was suffering from anxiety, amongst other things. The first remedy she gave me worked brilliantly , she also told me the best way to come off my anti depressants. I think I only saw her twice and cancelled my third appointment as I felt there was nothing more to fix, which was great. I would defiantly go back to her should I have anymore problems. Thank you Rochelle from Jane. August '17

Dear Rochelle, a big thank you for taking away all the pain and helping me back to good health again. Chris, Skelmesdale, July '17

I had extreme anxiety a year ago and began tapping therapy with Rochelle. I have been able to use the techniques when I have felt anxiety coming on and been able to calm myself and avoid having a big panic attack . I have also been able to get on an aeroplane and enjoy flying after being afraid for many years . I highly recommend Rochelle and tapping therapy . Claire , Southport May '16

Thank you for yesterday’s session. I do indeed feel a difference today... I honestly do - wow. I feel less concern for the issues we discussed, and so less worry and anxiety. I can feel increases of self-confidence. I do feel it would be good for me to use Matrix with you again yes, so to look at a few more memories of the past
It's reassuring to think that for all of these years I have had those childhood experiences always holding me down. I do feel a release from that today. Again, thank you for your help.
Dave- Skelmesdale July '14

....And Rochelle Marsden, you are a miracle worker. Mum was so ill after her last operation. We can now add this success to the list of wonderful health benefits our family have had with your expert, tireless help and assistance!

Heather Allinson- Southport Sep.'13

……..was born by c/section 7lb.2
After c/section I was absolutely fine, took remedies felt great went home just after 2 days!!!
Big big thank you, I truly believe that he came into this world because of remedies. We both doing well.
A- Southport July '13

You saw my daughter, L...., about her eczema about 18 months ago when she was 2. Her skin would flare up very badly, bleed and get infected. On seeing you her skin was totally clear within 4 months and has been literally perfect ever since. She used to react badly to any kind of soap, wash or cream (including suncream) - even 'natural' products. Since we saw you and her treatment was completed she hasn't had a single reaction to anything. She would also sporadically get hives or red rashes which I thought were linked to what she was eating. Again, this hasn't happened again since you treated her.
I cannot even begin to explain how pleased we are with your treatment of L..... You totally cured her of her skin problems where everything else failed. She used to suffer so badly and I used to cry when I saw her skin and how much it hurt and bothered her. What you have done for her is priceless.

My husband was a total skeptic regarding homeopathy and I brought L.... to you secretly! It was only when he expressed surprise at L....'s skin beginning to clear that I told him you had been treating her! On seeing how you helped L.... he has totally changed his views on homeopathy - you can imagine my surprise when my irritating skeptic husband rang me the other day to ask for your details as he was recommending you to colleagues at work!
Again, I really cannot thank you enough for how you helped L...., you are amazing!
RB - Southport June 2013

I first came to see Rochelle in 2001 or 2002, my son (who was only 18 months at the time) was reacting to lactose. He would vomit, he had awful skin rashes - in fact his skin was so damaged if I tried to hug him he would bleed. Once at a swimming pool I was approached by the lifeguard as some of the other parents wanted to know if he was contagious. His life was an endless round of creams, medicines, and screaming fits that ended in convulsions. I came to see Rochelle after a recommendation from a family member. I wasn't sceptical but I was very unsure what she could do to help as his problems were so acute. Two hours later and one of her sugar pills, and S..... seemed calmer.... two weeks later and he had skin where before were only sores! He hadn't fitted and was beginning to sleep sometimes. (He had always been to uncomfortable to sleep). A month on and he was tolerating tiny amounts of milk, he was still generally on a lactose free diet but a friend gave him some smarties and he didn't fit! Now hes 13, and a normal "pain in the bum" teenager, but he has no problems with his skin. And he hasn't fitted once since his second birthday. And when hes not being a typical teenager, I can hug him all I like because his skin no longer bleeds. I am now back with Rochelle for help with my 9 year old son and again she is working her own brand of magic with my children. All I can say is if you have ANY issues with your children, no matter what age they are, give Rochelle a call. xxx thanks Rochelle, you're our angel xxx

Sam C Northwich-Jan 2013

I can never put into words all the difference you have made to my family Rochelle. I have never felt more excited or optomistic about life at this time of year before, well if I have it must have been a very,very long time ago.**** is like a changed man when I think what he was like this time last year.
Mrs A - Southport December '12

During the 11 years I've been having treatment from you Rochelle you have solved so many health problems that the Drs. had failed to identify never mind treat. Not just for me but for six members of my family. I can never thank you enough :)
H.A. Southport July '12

We are very thankful for all the help and support that you gave A and myself through the stressful time but he has come on tremendously since our last appointment. He is running round now (I can't keep up) and has most his teeth, your remedy worked wonders. I wish you all the best for 2012 and if we have any more problems I will contact you for another appointment.

C. A. Preston Jan. '12

Dear Rochelle,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you for all your help over this last year. I will be in touch again but at the moment am doing very well. B..... continues to grow and R.... adores her. Thanks again.

J - Formby

Hi Rochelle

Just wanted to say Thank you for helping me to try and turn my baby last month - the Remedy did work and baby turned but the rest of my body didn't play ball - just wanted to say thank you also for the extra treatments for post caesarean - my recovery has been a lot better than last time and taking the Remedies have worked very well.

Susan - Wigan

I have very much enjoyed this course and would like to thank you very very much for your help, guidance and sometimes brutal honesty!! I have learned as much from your comments as from the course, indeed I always assumed what you said was the correct version when I had queries on the course material. I do intend to take the next part of the course and really hope that you will be my tutor again.

Penny - BIH Student

G is doing really well and we haven’t had any problems with his ears for a very long while. Whenever he is congested I make a huge effort to make sure he constantly blows his nose and it seems to have worked so far. Fingers crossed for a good winter with him!

R - Southport

Dear Rochelle,

I can not tell you often enough how much your help has made my life happier and healthier.

I am happy! You helped me become happy!!! The credit goes to you.
Thank You!!!!!!!

Franziska - Frankfurt, Germany

I had a session with you a few weeks ago and wanted to give you an update. I found the experience extremely beneficial and was astounded by the instant results! I’ve practised the technique myself a couple of times and have found relief from some other troublesome thoughts/ worries so I’m very grateful to you for your help.

Nicky - Southport (EFT only Client)

Thanks for all the help you have given me over the last year and some excellent remedies.

With love,

Liz - Southport

Dear Rochelle,
Thanks for making me feel so much better, you have helped me loads. I hope you have a great 2009.

Lots of love

A - age 12 Southport

Dear Rushell,

Thank you so much for helping my illness, I realy apreeseat it. I don't mind if I get ill again because I can come to you!
Lots of Love
M - age 7 Southport

To Rochelle,

Thank you much for all your help with A.... and ongoing help. You've been a life saver

K... K... A.... & J.... - Southport

Dear Rochelle,
N... had teeth out earlier today and used the Remedy last night, then followed your advice with Arnica and all is fine. He had very little bleeding and has eaten toast. Thanks for your advice,

S - Southport

Rochelle has helped me and my baby with many problems/ailments including colic and back pain, and is always very thorough with treatment and follow up. I highly recommend her services.

C.H. Southport

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